Zeolite - Soil Amendment and Additive

Soil Conditioner and Additive
Zeolite and its active substance, have various uses in agriculture. Cikembar Natural Zeolite is a product used in animal breeding as feed additive. It operates primarily as a technological substance. For example it acts as water regulator, an ammonia binder, an anti-caking agent and it is for the fixation of heavy metals and as a mycotoxins binder. However, the use of zeolite in agriculture is much broader. Cikembar Natural Zeolite are used as soil conditioners for hydration and retention of soil nutrients. Properties of zeolite are used by fertilizer manufacturers and substrate manufacturers to create green roofs or roof gardens or are used for lawn establishment, fertilization. In order to achieve sustainable grass, plant and crop growth, soil must have the following important characteristics:
  1. Moisture retention 
  2. Appropriate nutrient 
  3. Non-toxic level of contaminants in ground 
  4. Sufficient aeration in ground  

Major Benefits of Cikembar Natural Zeolite in Soil Treatment Products
  1. Retains 50% of its weight in water and nutrients 
  2. Stores essential plant nutrients including NPK, Nitrate(NO3), Phosphate(PO43) , and Potassium(K) 
  3. Its high surface area provides soil with good aeration and water retention capabilities 
  4. Increase the growth rate of grains , grasses, and plants 
  5. Granules does not degrade or decompose in the environment 
  6. Classified as non-hazardous, Food Additive, safe for humans and animals in Japan ( Ministry of Health Japan No.177
  7. Non-toxic and environmentally safe 
  8. 100% Natural mineral stone and organic 
  9. Does not contain added chemicals 
  10. Adjusts the soil pH levels 

Soil Amendment and Additive ​
  • Increases germination speed of grasses and grains 
  • Reduces the drainage of soil nutrients, such as NPK 
  • High water retention capabilities and reduced the amount of irrigation water 
  • Improves the aeration of deep root systems. 
  • Prevents the accumulation of sodium( Na ) in soils 
  • Safe and non-toxic for humans and animals 
  • 100% natural and suited for organic fertilizers 
  • Ideal for use with vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and alfaalfa 

Salt damage  
Useful references on removal of Salt damages using CEC Zeolites - "Removal of Nacl from aqueous solutions by using clinoptilolite"- International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences 
  • Increases speed of sprout emergence 
  • Accelerate root growth 
  • Increase seed germination rates 
  • Reduces evaporation and leaching of essential nutrients , such as NPK. 
  • Holds moisture and nutrients in root zone 
  • Maintains nutrient retention which reduce frequency of fertilizer treatments required each season 
  • Reduces odors caused by manure and fertilizers 
  • Controls release of ammonia(NH3) prevents root burn 
  • 100% natural mineral and suited for organic gardening

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  • Zeolite
  1. Zeolite powder (Produk dan harga terbaru)
  2. Zeolite granule (Produk dan harga terbaru)
  3. Zeolite chips (Produk dan harga terbaru)
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