Adsorption of Toxic Gases in Shrimp Ponds

Study of The Rate of Adsorption of Toxic Gases in Shrimp Ponds Using Sukabumi Natural Zeolite

Adsorption of Toxic Gases in Shrimp Ponds 
Sumantri, Indro (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Diponegoro Tembalang, Semarang, Indonesia); 
Buchori, Luqman (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Diponegoro Tembalang, Semarang, Indonesia); Mukti, Fiqky Akbar Widya (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Diponegoro Tembalang, Semarang, Indonesia); 
Ramadhani, Fitra (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Diponegoro Tembalang, Semarang, Indonesia); 
Anggoro, Didi Dwi (-)

Shrimp production is hampered by the high level of shrimp susceptibility to death caused by pond water conditions that are not optimal. Zeolite is a very useful mining product and has properties as a molecular filter, absorber and ion exchange. Zeolite Cikembar, Sukabumi Regency is a floating rocky green tuff dominated by SiO2. The activation process is carried out on Sukabumi zeolites by physical activation by heating. To eliminate the toxic gas NH3, NH4+, and NO2 carried out contact with the adsorption process and analyzed the UV-VIS spectrophotometry. BET SAA analysis showed zeolite surface area of 28,776 m2/gram. Sukabumi Zeolite at 30 grams absorbs more NH3, NH4+ and NO2 ions compared to 20 grams and 10 grams. Sukabumi's natural zeolite adsorption rate, kads (in hour-1) for NH3 gas is 0.0724 (10 grams); 0.0896 (20 grams); 0.0922 (30 grams). Whereas NH4+ gas is 0.0648 (10 grams); 0.0901 (20 grams); 0.0955 (30 grams). As for NO2 gas is 0.0108 (10 grams); 0.0128 (20 grams); 0.0292 (30 grams).

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 AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 2197, Issue 1, article id.120005
Pub Date: January 2020
DOI: 10.1063/1.5140962
Bibcode: 2020AIPC.2197l0005S
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