Benefits of Adding Zeolite to Seedlings Soil


Benefits of adding zeolite to seedlings soil: 

As a result of adding zeolite to the soil of modern seedlings, the following benefits are achieved:
  • Encouraging root growth: 
The addition of zeolite in a suitable ratio to a mixture of rooting medium, whether ordinary soil or any other mixture, works to create a stimulating medium for the release and growth of roots in terms of providing the correct percentage of moisture (without drying or dumping), as well as raising the temperature of the medium slightly, which encourages the growth of roots, especially at times The cold.
  • Improving ventilation and reducing root diseases: 
Zeolite works to increase soil aeration in the area of root growth and prevent suffocation, and this helps to prevent diseases resulting from increased irrigation, especially fungal diseases, including root rot. 

Results on seedlings: 

  • Zeolite treatments showed the following results: 
  • Increase success rate, encourage seed growth, and reduce seed loss: Increasing root growth and reducing diseases leads to an increase in the amount of healthy seedlings and a decrease in the number of lost seedlings as a result of various reasons, This is reflected in reducing costs and increasing profits resulting from selling or planting seedlings in future expansions. 
  • Facilitating take-offs and transfers processes. 
  • Adding zeolite to the soil of seedlings, especially those planted directly in the ground (not in bottles or sacks), facilitates future stripping processes without significantly affecting the roots and thus increases the odds of success in the replanting operations. 

Rate and methods of adding zeolite to seedlings: 

The zeolite is mixed with 15% of the soil designated for planting seedlings in it (whether on the ground or in the containers and bags intended for cultivation), where it is mixed with the soil and any other materials and it must be ensured that the zeolite is absorbed with water immediately after planting. 

Benefits of Adding Zeolite to Seedlings Soil

Zeolite powder

Improving ventilation and reducing root diseases:

Benefits of using zeolite in date storage rooms: 

In the event that quantities of zeolite are placed in storage rooms, the following works: 
  • Absorb excess moisture in stocks. 
  • Absorb harmful gases from the atmosphere of stores. 
  • This treatment helps to prolong the storage period, preserve the quality of dates, as well as to preserve dates during long-distance transportation.
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