Zeolite as Soil Supplement for Palms Trees

Zeolite as Soil Supplement for Palms Trees

Zeolite as Soil Supplement for Palms Trees

Palm trees are considered one of the most important crops spread in many regions of the world, due to the importance of dates in providing the needs of different societies with food, as the date is considered a completed food in itself.The cultivated palm areas increase exponentially, and work is always done to improve and increase the production quantities of dates, reduce losses and reduce the cost of production to make the dates accessible to all.Among the pioneering processes to improve palm production is the addition of zeolites to the soil in the date palm plantations, and to the soil of modern seedlings, as well as placing it in warehouses designated for storing dates.

Benefits of adding zeolite to a fruitful palm:

The addition of zeolite and through its different properties achieved the following benefits in the palm during the fruiting stage:

  • Increase the soil stock of water available for palm trees and reduce evaporation:

The ability of zeolite to retain water, whether in its pores or in the gaps between the stratum, reduces the loss of water by evaporation or sedimentation outside the root zone, and this process increases the efficiency of water use and maintains a suitable moisture content of the palm for a longer period which reduces the need to repeat the irrigation process (a decrease has been recorded in The amount of irrigation water is more than 50% in sandy soil conditions and high temperature), and the more zeolites added to a single palm, the greater its ability to store water without any side effects on the palm.The addition of zeolite works to reduce the fluctuation of the quantities of water available to the roots in the periods between irrigation, which reduces some physiological phenomena such as crust swelling and separation. The appropriate time to dilute and cut irrigation water from the palm trees must be taken into account in the period of wet-turning to dates in the case of zeolite addition.

  • Increasing the availability of added fertilizers and providing them to palm trees regularly:

Zeolite acts as a repository of added fertilizers, especially positives such as potassium, ammonium and various rare elements.It supplies it to the plant regularly and as needed, and prevents its loss by washing or volatilizing or others, and this reduces the need to add extra quantities of fertilizer to compensate for the losses, and at the same time increases the ability of the palm to absorb more quantities of different fertilizers and its reflection on the growth of the palm and the production quantities (a number And size).

  • Improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil around the palm roots:

Zeolite, when added to clay soils, disassembles it, increases its ventilation, and improves water entry rates (reducing runoff), while it works in sandy soil to hold together and improve its structure and increase its ability to retain water and nutrients, and in saline soils it excludes sodium and replaces it with calcium that is beneficial to palm health .In all cases, this leads to a noticeable increase in the root mass, and homogeneity of the roots spread, which increases the ability of the palm to absorb greater amounts of water and nutrients and thus the ability of the roots to provide the needs of the total vegetation of the palm completely.

Results on produced palm trees

  • Improve the general health of the palm and increase its immunity against various pests and diseases:

Zeolite improves the general condition of palm trees by providing more favorable conditions for the palm, which leads to increased growth, size and health of the leaves and an increase in the period of their stay on the palm, and makes the palm more able to resist and tolerate various diseases, as the Zeolite improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil, It reduces the occurrence of palm soil diseases such as root rot.

  • Increase the production amount:

The positive effect of adding zeolite on the general condition of the palm increases the ability of the palm to carry a greater number of veins and thus a greater number of dates in the palm, in addition to this the increase in the volume of dates, all of which leads to increased production (more than 25% increase in production has been recorded ).

  • Increasing the size of fruits and improving the quality of production «Reducing bloating and separation of the crust» :

The establishment of zeolite by providing a continuous, moderate source of water and nutrients leads to large volume of fruits and raising their quality, and also leads to mitigating the phenomenon of air sacs in the fruit (peeling), although the cause of this phenomenon is not definitively determined, but the addition of zeolite has limited the occurrence of this phenomenon in the produced dates.

Source : www.greenzeolit.com

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